Tough Choices with a Twist

What do you do when you went one way, but opportunity went the other? When it’s just you, a person can take their licks, cut their losses and move on. If others are involved, it’s not so easy. The decision to stand up and say, “I’m sorry I’ve troubled and inconvenienced you, but I’ve had an offer I can’t afford to turn down,” is a difficult one. I’m a big girl. I own big girl panties. I think I even have a badge in big-girl-ness laying around here somewhere. Yet, this is awkward and unfair to all involved.

Here’s the deal. RemeBox Dancember my last post: “Sometimes Life Hands You Lemons; Other Times, Life Chucks Them at You or… Life Makes a Hard Left Turn”? Yes, yes, the title was ridiculously long. Anyway, we were forced to move in a very short amount of time from our Maryland home. Our location is currently Henderson, NV, and we need to be in Knoxville, TN.

Nothing on this journey has been straightforward so, of course, there was another complication. A circumstance we couldn’t foresee pushed up our timeline. We would need to leave in a week – now, as of this writing, three days. Although we arrived with pretty much nothing, we did work during our time here. Unfortunately, life isn’t free. We had to pay off the bills remaining from our previous home, a storage fee for two units, as well as a sizable car repair and personal expenses.
What to do? I set my mind to raising the money.

The past few days have been spent sorting through stuff, getting rid of a good deal and reboxing what’s left. At first, it was so painful Daughter #1 and I were in tears.  Since then, we’ve come to a sad acceptance that things must be let go. One of the hardest things is losing books. I had already halved my collection on our first move, then halved it again the next, but now, it’s being cut yet again. I understand no one who collects reference and coffee table sized books should ever move. They should just build a house around their library and stay put. In a perfect world, I would have done that.

The wheel on the our car, lovingly called “The Purple Plum”, has become so wonky there is no way The Plum could safely drive 2000 miles so I’ve taken a leap of faith and rented the truck and a trailer to pull the car. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pull in those last few hundred to pay for the gas and at least one night of sleep – two would be safer.